Complex Materials

We have experience of working with simulation driven analysis of advanced materials such as composites, biological materials, hyperelastic materials and paper materials. We understand the advantages and limitations of these materials and know how to assess their performance in real world use.

Human Body Modelling

Computer models of the human body can contribute to our understanding of injury biomechanics. The automotive industry uses human body models in research and product development to evaluate and assess safety interventions. The past ten years have seen drastic increases in research on model developments, and a multitude of available models exist today, including male and female representations of children, adults, and the elderly. These models are suitable for applications in varying fields, including but not limited to aeronautics, sport injuries, and medical applications.

Our consultants have extensive experience in the development and use of human body models within both academic and industrial applications.

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Lightweight Structures

The art of making things lighter, stronger and stiffer is one of our core competencies. We have a detailed understanding of what optimization is, which can only be gained by years of experience and a fundamental understanding of the mathematical concepts it involves. We have both the knowledge and the tools for making a good product even better!

Shock and Vibration

Almost all structures are subjected to some kind of dynamic loading such as shock and or vibrations. Shock is normally of higher magnitude, resulting in direct failure, for example the pyrotechnic shock when releasing a satellite from a rocket, or the impact from dropping a piece of equipment or structure. Vibration is normally continuous loading which may lead to increased wear or fatigue.  To make sure that a product or structure is designed to cope with the expected dynamic loading it can be simulated dynamically in the time domain or harmonically in the frequency domain.

We have long experience working with shock and vibrations, also with submerged structures including the effect of added mass of the surrounding water. Withing the field of underwater dynamics, Lightness have contributed to research and publications within the field.

Structural Analysis

With more than a decade of experience within the fields of stress analysis and simulation, each of our team members can offer market-leading expertise within this area. Our team has a solid base of collective knowledge on the most commonly used FEA tools on the market. Customers come from the aerospace, marine and automotive markets as well as many other industries.

As Certified COMSOL Consultants we proudly offer our services by supporting our customers in the use of COMSOL Multiphysics.