Lightness by Design

Lightness by Design provides consulting services within simulation supported product development, design evaluation, and optimization of structures.

The company is operated by a group of experienced engineers with a long list of clients within Swedish industry.

Please contact us for more information, we’ll be happy to help you.

What sets Lightness by Design apart from other consultancy companies is our experience and our high level of expertise.


As specialists, we have extensive experience from a variety of challenges, and our customers range from small start-ups to large, established corporations. Regardless of whether it’s a short question or a long development project, we offer long-term collaboration and engagement. We see the large picture to ensure that we are solving the correct problem.


We at Lightness are problem solvers with deep knowledge of solid mechanics and average more than ten years of experience in the profession. All of us have at least a Master’s-degree level of education, and about half of us have completed PhD studies in relevant subjects. We are capable of independently planning, executing, and controlling the quality of our work.


Welcome to the Lightness family! We provide a close and transparent collaboration with significant personal engagement and accountability. We conduct our own project planning, and we ensure to always deliver high-quality results on time. We care about the results and impact of our work and are committed to providing value for our customers.


Regardless of whether your question is large or small, Lightness should be your assistance of choice. We are flexible and can help you in a way that works for you and your organization. Do you need a specialist on-site or access to an external structural analysis team? In either case, we deliver high-quality results, and you automatically receive access to the entire Lightness back office.

Lightness by Design is growing and we are continuously looking for the right people who want to join us.