Lightweight structures

The art of making things lighter, stronger and stiffer is one of our core competencies. We have a detailed understanding of what optimization is, which can only be gained by years of experience and a fundamental understanding of the mathematical concepts it involves. We have both the knowledge and the tools for making a good product even better!


Missile countermeasures are a prerequisite for staying alive in the air. Saab offers the BOZ-EC, a highly effective countermeasures pod for high-performance aircraft. It has integrated missile warning and cocktail…

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The Visby class corvette is the first naval vessel in the world to operate with fully developed stealth technology, combined with high operational versatility. The outstanding stealth properties fundamentally change…

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Neuron is a European collaboration project to develop a UCAV demonstrator, Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle. The aim of the project is to develop expertise within advanced aeronautics. Six European countries…

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FlexProp supplies the automotive and aerospace industries with lightweight production equipment. By combining composite materials and a patented methodology for design and manufacturing, FlexProp offers robust and lightweight production equipment…

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