About us

Lightness by Design was started with the idea to create a stimulating work environment, with challenging and interesting assignments where every consultant adds to the team effort.

We work as consultants in simulation-driven design with specialized expertise in stress analysis, composite materials, structural optimization and human body modelling. We are a technology-oriented team and we always strive to provide high quality service to our customers.

A large portion of our Lightness team is comprised of highly experienced engineers and we offer our employees excellent development opportunities, interesting assignments, freedom with responsibility, and good employment conditions.

We are continuously growing and looking for the right people who want to join us.

To fit in with us you should feel comfortable with varying assignments, to meet new people and to develop in the role as a specialist consultant and expert adviser.

You have at least a Master’s-degree in engineering with specialization in Vehicle Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Physics, or equivalent. Your skills are important, but we also highly value personal qualities.

Are you interested in working with us? If so, please contact Linus Fagerberg on +46-70-2709987 or drop us an email at konsult@lightness.eu.